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Collective Farming News

Bhaskar Bhau Somamalik does not migrate any more to Mumbai in search of work. In one rabi season, he earns about Rs 50,000. (Photo by Nidhi Jamwal)

Not long ago, Diwali, the festival of lights, used to bring gloom to the family of Bhaskar Bhau Somamalik, a farmer from Khoch village in Mokhada taluka (administrative block) […]

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Solar Lights Distribution Aine (Jawhar)

Aine is one of the remotest village in Jawhar Block. The plight of people to access water & electricity is unmatched. The Government Ashram School of Aine faces more challenging situation as they do not have premises of their own. Total strength of this residential school is 200 students out of which 50 girls stay […]

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Group Farming Aroehan

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Replenishment of Solar Water for Students

Ashram Schools in tribal area are one of the important institutions to depart education with residential facilities. However due to lack of infrastructure students face difficulties.

Aroehan observed that in many such schools Solar Water heaters are installed but not in operation for long time. It affects students for their regular cleanliness and hygiene.

On this background […]

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