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Taking on Local Governance – Part II

Our work on the Right to Food Campaign and ensuring the smooth functioning of the PDS in Mokhada led us to ask a very basic question - why should people have to migrate for work in the first place? Migration is one of the core causes for the incidence of malnutrition in Mokhada. When people [...]

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Taking on Local Governance

It was late afternoon when Rahul Tiwrekar received a phone call about a the siphoning of PDS ( Public distribution System) grain meant for the people of Shivli. A whole truck full! ( Large quantities of rations meant allocated under the Public Distribution System are siphoned off and reach open markets where they are sold [...]

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Defining the ‘Whatever’

I distinctly remember my first visit to a school in Mokhada over 10 years ago. Crumbling infrastructure, low hygiene, no access to water were just some of the things that come to mind when I think back in time. But one thing that stood out the most was - the children and their keenness to [...]

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Decoding Malnutrition in Mokhada

The complex issue of Malnutrition - where does one even begin to tackle it? Sponsor meals? Adopt villages? Talk to women about nutrition? Work with the ICDS ( Integrated Child Development Programme)? All of the above? We were faced with a similar dilemma when we first ventured into Mokhada in 2006.  The issue was all [...]

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