AROEHAN has an eclectic Board of Members each of whom have their own unique standing in society as well as area of expertise

ADV. Rahul Tiwrekar:

Rahul (2)Adv. Rahul Tiwrekar is based at Mokhada(Palghar). He has a Masters in Globalization and Labour from Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai and as a requirement of partial fulfillment of course, he was selected for an internship at Berlin school of Economics and law, Germany. Rahul worked on the issues related to Legal Aid, MGNREGA, Right to food, schemes in Tribal area and Legislative advocacy for three years before joining PMRDF.

Awards and Recognition:

  • Won Best Legal Aid Worker Trophy during academic year 2003-04
  • Won Scholarship of NGO Initiative and internship at IDS, Delhi
  • Worked with TISS for the period of three years on their project ‘PRAYAS’ that provide Legal aid for poor under trials in particular & innovate opportunities for rehabilitation

 Work Experience:

  • Prime Ministers Rural Development Fellow – Chhattisgarh Dist: Bijapur
  • Consultant of AROEHAN for employment and forest rights issues.
  •  Coordinated Lok Adalat project of Legal Aid department of High Court 2004/05
  •  Internship with Institute For Democracy & its Sustainability at New Delhi on the project of ‘Sustainable Growth in metropolitans & town planning’ and I researched on Public Interest Litigation, democratic rights of Urban poor and their Right to Space in the development.
  •  Worked for slum rehabilitation programmed of All India institute of local self-government.
  •  Volunteer for Girongaon Rozgar Hakka Samiti which works for the cause of Mill workers and their rights in Mumbai.
  •  Worked in team as a researcher with the UNICEF on their project ‘Child Labor in India.
  • Worked with All India Radio as News Reader and Translator (2007-09)
  •  Member of University of Mumbai – Syllabus Making Committee for Rural Development
  •  State Co-ordinator for Social Audit of MGNREGA in Maharashtra (2014-16)
  •  Consultant to State Social Audit Unit , Chattisgarh (2012-13)
  •  Master Trainer for FOREST Rights Act, 2006

Email:  Mo:- 7757012011

11136756_10204042688058865_7180518946183437599_n (2)
Anjali Kanitkar
, Associate Professor, College of Social Work Nirmala Niketan, Member of the Appellate Authority constituted by the Government of Maharashtra to address cases arising from the implementation of NREGA across the state.

A social work graduate from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, she has been teaching at the college of Social Work for almost three decades now and has been closely associated in various capacities, with several organisations working for tribal and rural development in Maharashtra.

Ms Kanitkar was elected from the Teachers’ Constituency to the Senate of the University of Mumbai for three consecutive terms and actively contributed to the functioning of the University during her tenure. She has also been nominated to the Committee against Sexual Harassment at the University for two consecutive terms and has addressed issues of gender equality in the various colleges and institutions of higher education in the University area. Ms Kanitkar is a member of such committees in several corporate and government bodies.

As an extension of her academic duties, Ms Kanitkar has been a member of Boards of Studies in her parent University as well as in other Universities. She has been an active member of the social work profession, contributing to social work theory and practice through her participation in varied seminars and academic workshops. She has also strived to further the cause of teachers in higher education, being elected to the Executive Committee of the Bombay University and College Teachers’ Union (BUCTU) and participating in various struggles of the teachers.

Email:  Mobile: 9820327249

Dr. Helen Joseph:60295_103439846384889_5575104_n (2)
Associate Professor at the College of Social Work, Nirmala Niketan (affiliated to the University of Mumbai) since 1983. Throughout her academic and professional career, Dr. Joseph has been actively involved in issues related to communal harmony, domestic violence, ethics in social work practice and Peace Education. She was the Founder-Director of Salokha – A Field Action Project of the CSW,NN on building communal harmony.

Dr. Joseph was instrumental in the initiation of AROEHAN as a field action project of the CSW, NN in 2006.Her extensive knowledge and experience in the field of Social Work has led her to being appointed on several noteworthy committees in the field of social work education, communal harmony and social work curriculum development.   She has been the Chairperson, Board of Studies in Social Work, University of Mumbai 2007-2010 .In the past, Dr. Joseph has been the Programme Coordinator (1979 -81),  Programme Officer (1976- 1979), and   Social Worker (1974 – 1976),  National Service Scheme Unit of the University of Mumbai

Her on-field and academic experience has led her to publishing several papers in noteworthy national and international journals and she has been appointed  as a Member of the Editorial Committee of the Asia Pacific Journal of Social Work and Development, Singapore. As part of extension work, Dr. Joseph has been a Member of the University Grants Commission (UGC) for Capacity Building of Women Managers in Higher  Education. She has also been a  Member of the State level Consultative Committee to formulate the Bill for the establishment of the Maharashtra State Social Work Council. She has been President, (2009-2011) , Jt. Secretary (2007-2009) and Secretary (2005 – 2007) Bombay Association of Trained Social Workers . She has been on several committees of organisations for Prevention of Sexual Harassment of Women at work place. She is the  Hon. Secretary, YUVA,  and Member of the Board of Directors, YUVA Urban, Mumbai as well as Member of the Board, Family Planning Association of India


228126_166476896746236_4858818_n (2)Abraham Antony
Mr. Antony began his professional career as the Regional Social Work Coordinator for Western Region Social Service Society, promoted by Caritas India (1987-89). He joined the College of Social Work, Nirmala Niketan as a faculty member (1989) and retired as Associate Professor (2015). During this tenure he was the Director, SWAYAM – A Community Based Disaster Risk Reduction Programme initiated by College of Social Work, Nirmala Niketan (2006-12). He has also participated in Relief and Rehabilitation programmes during and after various National Calamities such as Latur Earthquake, Orissa Super Cyclone, Gujarat Earthquake and Tsunami (Tamil Nadu) and many others.

Phone: +91- 9821120711  Email:
Dr Ajit S Gokhale:Dr Ajit S Gokhale (2)
Founder And Leader Of Natural Solutions,
His extensive educational qualifications include M.Sc., Ph.D., and a Special Course on Water and Wastewater Treatment conducted by Cranfield Univesity School of Water Sciences, Diploma in Environment Managemenet & ISO 14000, NET, SET Dr. Gokhale has over two decades of experience in Natural Resource Conservation, Water Resource Development, Water and Wastewater Treatment & Solid waste Management

For the past ten years Dr. Gokhale has been spreading environmental literacy and giving Natural Solutions for Urban and Rural Problems of water scarcity, Solid Waste Management and wastewater treatment

– Consultant to two water treatment majors Ion Exchange (I) Ltd and a Retainer with Eureka Forbes

– Water Trainer for staff of BPCL

– Examiner for the Environmental Architecture for Rachna Sansad Academy of Architecture

– Panchayati Raj Empowerment training for elected representatives of Mokhada Taluka in Thane District

– Trainer for Water & Organic Farming Projects for following NGOs

  • RSNH – Bharatpur;
  • DCAP – New Delhi
  • AROEHAN – College of Social Work – Nirmala Niketan
  • JAL Academy Don Bosco Institute of Technology – Mumbai

– Recently completed a biomass Project Establishment for use in fuel and organic growing media

In the past Dr. Gokhale has been involved in R & D and Technical Marketing of Ecofriendly Water and Wastewater Treatment Systems & Organic Farming for India’s Pioneer in Water Treatment Ion Exchange (I) L And Ion Exchange Enviro-Farms Limited. He has also taught Environmental Sciences, Plant Physiology and Biochemistry in Birla College Kalyan, Bombay University.

Dr. Puroshottam Kulkarni :

Purushottam Kulkarni is an Associate Professor at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai. He is also an associate faculty member at the Center for Technology Alternatives for Rural Areas (CTARA), IIT Bombay and principal investigator of the Technology and Development Solutions Cell (TDSC), IIT Bombay. His primary work interests are in the areas of drinking water provisioning and watershed interventions, and enabling formal mechanisms for working on development-related problems
in academic programs.


CA Dinesh Ahir


AROEHAN is also a Field Action Project of the College of Social Work, Nirmala Niketan. The Nirmala Niketan Institute Board Members are as follows

Ms. Gracie Joseph, Ms. Betty Ignatius, Dr. Magy Allessu, Dr. Lidwin Dias, Ms. Gracy Fernandes

Ms. Cheryl Machado, Ms. Erica Lobo, Dr. Hazel D’Lima, Ms. Patricia Khan