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Corporate Partnerships


In 2012, Aroehan joined hands with Siemens Pvt Ltd to create Project ‘Asha’. It works toward improving the living conditions of tribals in the remote villages of Amle, Suryamal- Kevnale and Mokhada. People have been living in these areas without basic necessities like electricity, clean drinking water or basic healthcare.
The project integrates innovative technologies such as water filtration unit and solar energy solutions to bring electricity to the village. The project has been executed with the active participation of the community.

Today, the project is in the last phase of its implementation and the emphasis is on making the villages self-sustaining by empowering the farmer community in the village.

Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL)

The CSR department of BPCL launched the initiative ‘Akshayjal-Boond’ in 2010 with Aroehan to bring water solution to 21 villages in central and northern parts of Mokhada. Under this initiative, small and medium rainwater harvesting structures are constructed with the help of tribals. This increases the quantity and number of months for which water is available.

50 rainwater harvesting structures have been successfully constructed so far. The project also focuses on improving agriculture by providing initial cost and technical expertise to farmers.

Edelgive Foundation

Edelgive Foundation along with Aroehan promotes an Integrated Community Development model in Adoshi, Shivli, Kashti-Savarde, Nashera and Pathardi-Bototshi. Since 2012, this approach has facilitated access to health services especially for women and children. It also works on establishment and capacity-building of School Management Committees to ensure that students who have dropped out of schools go back and looks at raising food security issues for better functioning of ration shops.

The construction of a check dam in village Adoshi has resulted in saving up to 18, 00,000 litres of water in the dry season, thus making the entire village with 115 houses tanker-free.

Concern India Foundation:

Concern India Foundation is a non-profit organisation which has been supporting Aroehan since 2014. Concern supports a project that looks after improving the livelihood options of farmers in Tulyachapada and Hirve villages. The project helps farmers focus on cultivation and selling their agricultural produce. It also links the farmers with banks and agricultural networks to create sustainable incomes for them.