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Keeping in mind the needs of the tribal areas, our health programmes focus on creating access to the already existing health systems and strengthening their delivery systems.

We, at Aroehan, work towards creating awareness about health issues. Our focus is on the health of adolescent girls by teaching them essential life skills. The pro-active village health and sanitation committees monitor the health status of the tribals. Trained village volunteers are actively engaged in the process to bring about transparency and accountability. Our advocacy efforts at block and district levels also ensure better service delivery.

In the last 8 years, we have impacted XXXXX people through our efforts. Following are some of the achievements that we have accomplished in the health sector in Jawhar-Mokhada areas:

  • 13% reduction in malnutrition deaths
  • 100% ante natal care achieved by ensuring proper registration of pregnant women, regular check-ups and haemoglobin level tests.
  • 20 Health Nutrition and Sanitation Committee members and more than 200 members from the villages trained in the last XX years
  • 66% of the children reported an increase in weight thanks to our ‘Special Feed’ programme
  • Achieved successful networking with Block Medical Officers and Primary Health Centres (PHC) that led to increase in access of health service delivery systems in interior areas