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  • 5,000 adolescent girls trained in sexual reproductive health and life-skills education. This has resulted in 5 Gram Panchayats passing resolutions to prohibit child-marriage.
  • Strengthening the village level advocacy for better health delivery systems, by capacity building and training of 2765 VHNSC (village Health Nutrition & Sanitation Committee) members.
  • 3% reduction in malnutrition rates in areas of intervention by rigorous implementation of activities like home-visits, meetings, special feed programme, health campaigns and celebration of health days.
  • Interventions have led to adoption of correct breast-feeding and hygiene practices and family planning by over 12,000 women in Mokhada-Jawhar blocks.
  • Improvement in village level monitoring and regulation of women and child health by intensive training programmes and capacity building sessions for more than 100 ICDS, ASHA workers.
  • Through the network of private-hospital partnerships, we have been able to provide pre-natal diagnostic care to more than 500 women. This has facilitated in timely-intervention for 82 high-risk mothers (women who are at a high risk of mortality).


  • 51% reduction in school drop-outs through counseling, home-visits and weekly follow-up with the families. All children have been re-enrolled in the schools situated in their vicinity.
  • Capacity building of 3,000 students in government run ashram schools in life-skills education and school administration.
  • Ensuring better governance of education system at village level by formation and strengthening of School Management Committees who been able to pass 52 resolutions addressing issues of infrastructure and quality education to the children.


  • Our governance programmes have been able to generate awareness among 8,000 people in areas of citizen rights, government schemes, village level governance. This has directly resulted in 1,290 people receiving employment under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee act and more than 2,000 people getting access to ration cards.
  • We have successfully implemented Prime Minister Financial Inclusion Programme in 13 Gram-Panchayats of Mokhada. 12,000 people will now have access to bank accounts and credit facilities.


  • Our livelihood programme has resulted in 450 farmers undertaking vegetable cultivation for the first time in Mokhada-Jawhar belt. This has resulted in income generation and asset creation for the farmers who were previously engaged in subsistence farming that was only utilised for self-consumption.
  • Our water-shed interventions have brought relief to 18 – water-stressed villages. The villages now have attained self-sufficiency in their drinking and domestic water needs.
  • We have been able to provide potable drinking water to 1,300 persons through installation of water-purification units.