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Aroehan Has Successfully Brought Electricity To Amle

Amle, in Suryamal gram-panchyat of Mokhada Taluka, falls under reserve forest area. Since it did not fall in the jurisdiction of the Maharashtra State Electricity Board, it never received any electricity. Amle with only 59 families living there was forgotten and left in the darkness.

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Adoshi village is now ‘Tanker-free’

  Due to AROEHAN’s intervention, Adoshi village is now self-sufficient and tanker free. AROEHAN has constructed a huge bund at Adoshi village of Mokhada Taluka. The bund has the storage capacity of 18,00000 litres of water. Prior to AROEHAN’s intervention, the people of Adoshi village had to walk2 kms  to fetch few pots of water

 The situation was  even worse during the summers; when the village had to depend on tankers for water supply. Since, AROEHAN has built the bund, there is sufficient water for domestic usage throughout the year in the vicinity of the village. The additional water storage created in the river, lead to recharging of well, which was located behind the dam. The water level in the well was maintained and the community had water available for drinking for the entire year. 

AROEHAN works with an integrated approach in Mokhada Taluka since 2006. One of  the major issues of Mokhada taluka, is lack of water during the summer months  despite heavy rainfalls. Theannual rainfall of Mokhada is about 2500mm. However, due to the nature of the terrain, there is not enough water retention. As a result, the wells and the river become dry. In lieu of this, AROEHAN has started undertaking Rain-water harvesting in Mokhada since 2011. AROEHAN has constructed about 68 rainwater harvesting structures – including check dams, cordons, sub-surface bunds and gabions – to conserve water. This has benefited 18 villages and around 3,684 households consisting of 9,782 persons, generating close to 1,00,16,500 litres of water annually, thus reducing the water problems in the area. 

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