Shraddha Shringarpure- Programme Manager, Aroehan

screenshot_20161202-120221Ms. Shraddha Shringarpure has done her Masters in social work from Nirmala Niketan College of Social Work in Mumbai.

  • She is been working as Programme Manager at Aroehan since 2008. She is an active member of Rugna Kalyan Samiti of Mohranda PHC and Rural hospital of Mokhada block. She is also member of women’s rights protection committee of Thane District Police. She has served as master trainer of National Rural Livelihood Mission.
  • Currently Ms. Shraddha is a Master Trainer with State Government Social Audit Unit of Maharashtra and has successfully carried out five social audits including a Special Social Audit in Buldhana District (Lonar Block). She has been awarded the Yashwantrao Chawhan Pratishthan award for working on tribal rights.
  • Email: Mobile: 9167 167 074/7709647731


Mr. Nitesh Mukne – Project co-ordinator (livelihood)

Mr. Nitesh Mukne joined Aroehan in 2006 as a volunteer.  He currently co-ordinates two broad areas under our livelihood programme namely rain-water harvesting and agriculture.  Most of his expertise has been through on-the-job training. Being from the area himself, he represents the power of local leadership.


Our livelihood team:

The livelihood team comprises of field supervisors who are responsible for mobilisation of people for meetings and training sessions, monitoring weekly progress of the projects.

Field Supervisors

Kamlakar Burange

Ramdas Badade

Ramchandra Badade




Jayashree Bhore- Project co-ordinator (health)

Jayshree joined Aroehan in 2008. Since then she has been an inspiration for women in the community.  Being from the tribal community herself, she is a strong advocate of anti-child marriage and has played a major role in training of 5,000 adolescent girls in areas of sex education, hygiene and sanitation. Under her leadership and the efforts of our health team, we have been able to pass resolutions banning child-marriages in five gram panchayats of Mokhada Taluka.


Our Health team:

Area co-ordinator:  Ms. Madhuri Ahire has a Masters in Social Work from Nashik University. She has been trained in specific areas of maternal health such as Infant Young Child Feeding practices, breast-feeding practices etc.

Field Supervisors

Meenakshi Kirari


Yele. K

Pratibha. Bhoye

Leela. Dalvi

Sarita. Chaudhari


Field Supervisors:




Aroehan has been appointed by Government of Maharashtra to conduct Social Audit of NREGA in 169 villages of Sakhri block, Dhule district. Additionally our staff members are authorised trainers of NREGA.  Currently under the ‘financial inclusion programme’, our governance team has opened over 12,000 accounts in association with IDBI bank in 8 Gram-Panchayats of Mokhada Taluka.

Field Supervisors:

Eknath Nikhade

Prahlad  Navle

Bhaskar Joshi

Yadav  Korde

Dilip Bodhere

Vishnu Vaze


Reporting Officers:

Chetan Shevale

Vaishali Warghade

Accounts Department:

Swati Kamat : Email:

Vaishali. Warghade

Yogita. S