Transfer of technology to the farmers

//Transfer of technology to the farmers

Seed treatment- An efficient method to reduce the Cost of Production for Paddy cultivation

 IPaddy seed treatmentntroduction:

Paddy seed treatment is a simple process of treating the old seeds of paddy with salt water solution such that the same set of seeds can be reused for cultivation. The process majorly helps the farmer in saving the cost of seed procurement.

The seed treatment method is cost-efficient and effective response to the hybrid seeds.  Taking in to context, the benefits of this method, AROEHAN- conducted demonstrations and trainings for Paddy seed treatment with 70 farmers in few villages of Mokhada Taluka namely Khoch, Shirsona, Puclachiwadi, Adoshi and Amle..

Need of seed treatment process:

The farmers of Mokhada practice rain-fed agriculture and cultivate traditional crops such as Paddy and Finger-millet. These crops are meant to provide food security for the family and do not generate any income source to the farmers.

However, every year the farmers have to spend about Rs.2000- 2500/- for procurement of seeds. This underlines the issue that the farmers need to invest capital for production of paddy, despite not getting any income from it.

Under such circumstances, seed treatment procedure costs somewhere around Rs.250 to 300/- only and can be done using locally available materials such as salt and water.

The process takes anywhere around 2-3 hours and the paddy seeds can be immediately used for sowing.  This also enables the farmers to start sowing activity without delay after the arrival of rains. In other circumstances, the farmers need to plan in advance the time of seed procurement.

The farmers are positive about this technique and have readily adopted it for the current Kharif cultivation.


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